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2006/07/04 (火)

[]GFS(Google File System) and GWQ(Google Work Queue) GFS(Google File System) and GWQ(Google Work Queue) - Hatena::Group::Virtualization::takaochan を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - GFS(Google File System) and GWQ(Google Work Queue) - Hatena::Group::Virtualization::takaochan

興味深い記事がNewYork Timesに載っていた。

全体的には梅田さんのブログ-"My Life Between Silicon Valley and Japan"(http://d.hatena.ne.jp/umedamochio/20060703/p1)参照。


For example, Google designed a software system it calls the Google File System that keeps copies of data in several places so Google does not have to worry when one of its cheap servers fails. This approach also means that it does not have to make regular backup copies of its data as other companies do.

Another system, called the Google Work Queue, allows a big pool of servers to be assigned to various tasks as needed and reassigned to other projects later. This concept, called "virtualization," has become a trend among large data center operators, which also want to reduce the expense of having separate servers dedicated to each system. But most companies buy commercial software to track which computers are doing what, a complex process.


※NewYork Timesは無料アカウント登録が必要

ある意味サーバーファームまるごとを仮想化した最大規模の実例がGoogleシステムだろう。NewYork Timesの記事からそのインフラ環境を支えるGFS(Google File System)とGWQ(Google Work Queue)などの概要が読み取れる。